8 photos
These images are 100% crops from an A4 printed target. Shot on a Gitzo Carbon Fibre tripod with Arca Cube, using 3 second Exposure Delay Mode. MUP was not possible since Nikon Capture does not permit its use. All at f1.8


CP=Centre Point
RP=Rightmost point
LP= Leftmost point
LV=Live View
AF= Autofocus
MF=Manual Focus

Please note: the camera was remotely controlled using Nikon Capture and the Manual Focus in Live View was done judging from the computer screen at 200% zoom and with the lens manually focussed by hand. For all the Left and Right point shots, series of shots were taken and only the best selected. The Left Point Viewfinder AF shots were generally worse than the Right Point but frankly, neither is great...

Lighting was studio flash unit modelling lights (flash set to 'off')

In 'real life' shooting, the Left Point is pretty much always far enough off as to be useless at any distance or aperture. Most of my glass is longer and/or slower but the 85 1.8G is fine with this body, whereas the 24-120VRII often misses focus at the wide end on this body when using the left point, though it generally performs OK on the limited test chart shooting I have done with it.