Tim Ashley Photography | Leica 18mm Super Elmar

11 photos
These were all shot using at close range through a thick, pure white perspex diffusing sheet (usually used for LCC corrections with Medium Format digi backs when mounted on technical cameras) pointed at a 2 metre wide Bowens Wafer light box powered by a Bowens flash. Shutter speed was 1/180th throughout on the M9 and a Gitzo CF tripod with Arca cube were used, along with a cable release and a remote flash trigger. The file names tell the story of what aperture and orientations were used for each shot, as well as how each lens was identified to the camera body.

NOTE: the files are reduced to 80% quality JPEGS and 2000 pixels on the long side. They are in the ProPhoto (rather than SRGB) colour space so they might look odd on your monitor - in other words they are intended to be downloaded and looked at in the software of your choice so you can check colour casts with an eye dropper.