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This is an occasional series, added to as and when an image arises which in some way pairs up with one I already have. The matches are made from visual or thematic memory and can be based on colour, form, subject or just an idea.

We are genetically programmed to recognise people, places and objects for obvious reasons. These flashes of visual recognition serve a distinct evolutionary purpose.
Peeling Greens, Kinsale and WalsinghamTwo paths, SussexSouthampton and St Malo SeasChairs, New York and BarcelonaWarnings, Sussex and Regents ParkBlurred walkers, Venice and EstremozWallflowers, Lismore and PortugalSea Spray, Littlehampton and New YorkElysian Fields I & II, Rackham and LittlehamptonKeep Out, Happisburgh and  HoughtonCause & Cure, Viareggio Italy and Bridgetown Barbados