24 photos

The target images are 100% crops from an A4 printed target. Shot on a Gitzo Carbon Fibre tripod with Arca Cube. All at f1.8 on the 28mm F1.8g but the results are replicable on other shorter focal legtnh lenses and are even discernible if not problematic on longer focal lengths.


CP=Centre Point
RP=Rightmost point
LP= Leftmost point
LV=Live View
AF= Autofocus

In 'real life' shooting, the Left Point is pretty much always far enough off as to be useless at any distance or aperture with shorter focal length lenses, backfocussing on the left by anything from inches to several feet.

The boat images are crops from left and right hand sides of the same frame shot at 66mm on the 24-120 F4 VRII on the same tripod/delay as above, with VR set to OFF and shot with AF. The only way to get the right edge sharp-ish is to use Live View Manual Focus on the extreme right of the frame, and that throws teh rest of the image out of focus.