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A random gallery intended not to display any artistic merits but to show Leica S2 sample photos taken under a variety of conditions, ISOs, f stops and so on. The EXIF tells all.
brightonL1000053.jpgbrighton2.jpguntitledLS2P0017.jpgArundel Castle & Cathedral from South DownsJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000190.jpgJanuary 15, 2010s2_fri_2-L1000001.jpgJanuary 10, 2010eve-L1000011.jpgJanuary 10, 2010eve-L1000007.jpgJanuary 13, 2010s2wedpm-L1000282.jpgJanuary 11, 2010day1-L1000071.jpgJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000153.jpgJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000144.jpgJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000166.jpgJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000169.jpgJanuary 12, 2010day2-L1000177.jpgJanuary 11, 2010day1-L1000077.jpgJanuary 11, 2010day1-L1000101.jpgJanuary 11, 2010day1-L1000083.jpgJanuary 15, 2010s2_fri-L1000412.jpgJanuary 15, 2010s2_fri-L1000398.jpg

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